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The absolute worst haircut I have ever had, first off I was " on deck" for 35 minutes. Meanwhile they were busy talking about how the all wanted wings and they were hungry, like they were in their own living room. I was also watching the baseball game for it to be abruptly changed to the half time of a basketball ball game and when I made an inquiry I was promptly told the one customer had asked for it to be changed and it wouldn't be turned back. I asked for a low bald face. She proceeded to shave my head to the skin above my ear and when I asked her what she was she was doing and displayed my displeasure she promptly said " oh it'll grow back in a couple of days" then had the audacity to ask if I wanted the MVP. That set me off. Thank fully after I told her that I would appreciate it if she didn't touch any more of my hair she comped the haircut. But the damage was done, I have an important engagement tomorrow and I look like a grunge punk kid. This is sad if that is the type of employee's that they wish to have as customer service representatives.

1 rating

Worst haircut I have ever gotten in my entire life, and I'm over 60. One side is uneven and an inch or more longer than the other. Just freakishly bad. And it's not just because I'm a woman. I have gotten awesome haircuts here before. I frankly am freaking out and don't know what do it. I paid for a service. It got worse overnight, too.

3 rating

My cut gets a four, my son's was at best a two. So I will rate a three overall. Sloppy edges not faded or blended. Sideburns uneven. I asked to have his sideburns corrected, but was given a nonsensical argument and proposal to cut the short sideburn even shorter so thought it best to say "no thanks". I will fix his haircut as best I can at home. I don't see us returning.

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Kathy N. | November 17, 2017 Haircut

"I take my kids to SportClips in Decatur and they always enjoy it. The TV's and sport theme as well "